We announced our wedding 8

Our mini high tea to celebrate today

Our mini high tea to celebrate today

We’re getting married September 12th 2014. As we live in the Netherlands, we have to formally register our intent to get married at the civil registry. Sounds like a hassle? It is!

We had our appointment at 10AM. We sat in this utterly boring office room and got paper after paper. We had to check all our details (date of birth, place of birth, our parents’ name etc.). After that we had to tell the civil registry who our witnesses are going to be. Witnesses are the ones (a max. of 4 people) who sign the wedding certificate, he is giving his permission for the wedding and stating he has witnessed and approved. Read more

Christmas Decorations 3


This piece is on our dinner table

Today we spent our morning and afternoon getting christmas decorations and transform the house from autumn to winter/christmas! I did the autumn decorations myself back in September, but today Jop wanted to help. We had a blast. We bought all kinds of small decorations in various stores and made our own pieces. I’m so happy with the outcome!

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First step towards weight loss 7

My current weight.

My current weight in kgs, which is a little more than 12 stone or almost 173 lbs.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been overweight. It sucks, I can tell you that. As most people who struggle with their weight know(weather you’re under- or overweight), it is hard to get where you want to be. I would love to lose 15 kilograms, which is 33 pounds. I’ve succesfully lost 5 kilograms in the summer of 2012, but since then it’s been disappointing, really.

I love food, I’ll be the first to admit that.

I have a hard time saying no to cookies or any other sweets and when I am at home, I tend to overeat out of boredom. I’ve done many attempts to lose weight, but they always end up failing as we have too many delicious snacks in the home or I binge eat just because I can.

But that is all going to change now! And this time, for real. Jop has stopped smoking a month ago (yay for him, I am so proud of him), but because of this, he is putting on weight. As I hate being told I’m getting fatter, I am not telling him he is getting fatter. His mother however, does not mind saying that. So, thanks to her (I owe her), Jop and I agreed to start eating healthier and trying to lose weight starting January.

And hopefully I will soon be able to cross out the first things on my Day Zero Project.

As for my starting weight? See the image above. I am not going to be embarrassed by it anymore. I used to keep my weight top secret and yes, it’s too much for my height and it’s not good for my health. So acknowledging this is the first step.